William Stanley Preston, Esq. (Also known as Bill) was, along with his friend Ted, co-founder and guitarist of the rock-group Wyld Stallyns. After an excellent adventure through time and a bogus journey through the afterlife, Bill & Ted's Wyld Stallyns eventually became known as the greatest rock-group to have ever lived, and their music became the basis of all society, inspiring universal harmony.


Bill, from what we know, is a young man who grew in San Dimas with his best friend Ted. He enjoys bands like Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden and other rock groups that were popular during the 80's. One of his most well-known goals is to start a band with Ted called Wyld Stallyns though, in Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Adventure, it's revealed that neither Bill nor Ted actually know how to play any instruments. Though, at some point he does learn how to because in the future their music becomes the foundation of society. It's unknown if Bill actually knows how to play poker but he is seen doing it in Most Excellent Adventure. He cares a lot about Ted and is willing to risk his life to avenge him. This shows when he assumes Ted is dead and begins sword fighting with the guard that allegedly "murdered" him.

Family Edit

In Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Adventure, it's shown that Bill has a step-mother named Missy. That leads us to assume that his birth father and birth mother are divorced. It's also implied that Bill has some kind of infatuation with Missy as well, as he gets irritated every time Ted says, "You're step-mom's cute." Ted also reveals that Missy isn't too far from the boys' age either when he states, "Remember when she was a Senior and we were Freshman?"

Behind the ScenesEdit

Bill was played by Alex Winter in the films and the first season of the animated series. He was portrayed by Christopher Kennedy in the second season and the live-action series.

Bill was based on Chris Matheson's youth and was originally adapted as a character in Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon's improv sketch "Bill, Ted & Bob."


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